Meet Rebecca Binnendyk, the Australian Jazz/Pop singer currently in Malta


Our goal at Tappintomalta is to put the spotlight on those who take something ordinary, and make it extraordinary.

Rebecca Binnendyk embodies this.

You may have seen her debut album’s video ‘Some fun out of life’ circulating around facebook. If not, we’re here to tell you a bit more about the rising star.

She is a 21st Century polymath

Born in Canada, Rebecca is a classically trained jazz/pop singer and songwriter. She sang in choirs, plays the piano, and the trumpet. She has a degree in Music Therapy, and a Bachelor of Education. On top of all of this, Rebecca taught junior high for 7 years while performing live shows and honing her skills.

The world is her oyster, seriously.

She fronted the 18-piece Canadian big band, which features many alumni of the internationally-renowned boss brass, performed sold-out shows at Waterloo’s The Jazz Room, and has played the prestigious Toronto club, The Jazz Bistro.

She suffers from Wanderlust, and loves it.

She travelled around Europe, and spend time teaching, singing, and volunteering in China, South East Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmanja, Fiji, and Central and South America! That’s taking multitasking to another level.

Her song “Live Now”, was inspired by the death of her 8 year old cousin

As our dear departed Carrie Fisher says “Take your broken heart, make it into art”. And this is something Rebecca has done through her music.

She’s also the most positive person you’ll meet. Ever.

Her debut album is ‘Some fun out of life’, and this happens to be her personal mantra. One way to describe her? Carpe diem.

Amidst originals, it features fresh reworkings of standards and hits ranging from Joni Mitchell to Bon Jovi.

You may recognise the location where it is shot. (hint, if you’re Maltese, you should guess within 15 seconds)

This Valentine’s weekend, you’ll find her at The Jazz Cave.

Feast your palate at the The Jazz Cave, while basking in the intimate, retro ambiance evoked by Rebecca’s transportive life performance. Check out the gourmet menu here.

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