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Malta is definitely not short of great places to eat. I would say that the culinary delights that the islands have to offer are on the increase. For me it’s always a thrill finding a new little gem to satisfy my foodie fixations, and the most recent treasure I discovered is Tully’s Fusion in L’Isla. Their mantra is Good Food, Good Mood, but I’d say that’s an understatement.

I met up with Chef Patron Jonathan Tully at the lovely location nestled in among the buildings and fortifications of the L’Isla Waterfront.  While I sat down and waited for him to finish up in the kitchen, the first thing to grab my attention was the display of inspirational quotes hung on the wall across from me.  The first one said that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life, and I have a sense that that is how Jonathan sees his chosen profession.

Jonathan started his working life as a chef in fine dining restaurants in Malta and even spent 16 years working for a well-known local hotel chain in Malta and in North Africa.  After a brief stint out of the kitchen, Jonathan came back to his true love and one year ago, decided to take the plunge an opened his own restaurant. Now fully run by himself and his wife, Debbie, Tully’s Fusion is clearly a labour of love for food and hospitality.

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The restaurant menu changes regularly depending on what is fresh and in season.  Jonathan shows me a chalk board with a selection of dishes that is eclectic to say the least. It ranges from the exotic to the super simple.  They pride themselves on being to cater to diners will all sorts of dietary requirements.

During my visit for the tappintomalta Christmas lunch, we kicked off with some home-made mulled wine, spicy and oh so comforting. The meal started with the mixed platter. This was a combination of 4 home-made dips, stuffed vine leaves, falafel, salty feta cheese, plump green olives and the most divine flatbread I think I have ever tasted.  For our main course, I had a Coconut Beef Curry. Our vegetarian tried the Paneer Masala and the other two people in our party went for the lamb tagine and the pumpkin and sage tortellacci respectively.  The curries were accompanied by exquisitely prepared, fluffy basmati rice. I tried all the other dishes and one common thread throughout was the wonderful balance and layering of flavours.

I did question Jonathan on the diversity of the menu. He said that he likes to include things he enjoys cooking, but also wants to ensure that they are catering to all tastes: And that isn’t difficult for the man with English, Indian and Mexican heritage, who lives in Malta and has worked in North Africa.

It is clear that Tully’s Fusion is run with passion and generosity for food and hospitality.  Our lunch stretched on for 6 hours where we ate, drank conversed and felt totally at home.  The restaurant has established itself as part of the local community and is a second home to the local expat crowd.

I would recommend Tully’s Fusion to anyone who is into long lingering lunches and dinners, with great food and a cosy atmosphere.

Visit their Facebook page for more information or give them a call on 99064739 or 99627301 for bookings.

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