Two Major Exhibitions by Local Artist Ray Piscopo in December


Engineer-come-artist Ray Piscopo, who found fame on the local and international art scenes through his distinctive representation of the world around him, has recently announced two new exhibitions. The two-part series will take place at the Banca Giuratale in Gozo between 7 and 28 December, and at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julian’s between 12 December 2015 and 13 January 2016.

Entitled Abstract Rhythms in Nature, these two exhibitions aim to explore the subject through a simple, pictorial language that transforms and transcends nature, giving every-day objects, natural scenes and people a geometrically-complex but easy-to-understand nature.

“I have been working on the material for these two exhibitions for over a year now, and I’m incredibly pleased with the outcome,” says Mr Piscopo, who, on top of being an artist himself, curates the highly-successful Artist of the Month series at the Orange Grove Art Café within the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard.

The first part of the exhibition, which will take place in Gozo, consists of 12 large canvases representing the Cittadella panorama and other figurative themes.

The second part of the exhibition will take place nearly concurrently in Malta consists of 15 large canvasses with figurative themes, along with 10 smaller-sized abstracts.

Then, on the closure of the first part of the exhibition, the canvases on display at the Banca Giuratale will be transferred to the Cavalieri Art Hotel to unite the two distinct-yet-complementing ideologies.

Mr Piscopo’s roots in the world of art can be traced to the early 1970s, when he was tutored by one of Malta’s most renowned artists, Antoine Camilleri. Since then, Mr Piscopo has served as a member of the Healing Arts Committee through the Foundation for Medical Services, and his paintings can be found in private art collections in Italy, Ireland, England, Norway, Australia, the USA, France and Malta.


“I’m also very proud to announce that the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, is expected to inaugurate the exhibition in Gozo; while President Emeritus, HE Dr George Abela, will do the honours at the Cavalieri Art Hotel,” MrPiscopo concludes.

Anyone who loves Maltese traditions and nature, as well as art lovers, culture vultures and local art collectors, are encouraged to visit these two exhibitions.

The first part of Abstract Rhythms in Nature will take place at the Banca Giuratale, Town Hall, Victoria, Gozo between Monday 7 and Monday 28 December; the second will take place at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julian’s between Saturday 12 December 2015 and Wednesday 13 January 2016. For more information on Ray Piscopo’s art or career, please visit


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