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WDM International’s DR. Jonathan De Giovanni wins at the Best Entrepreneur of the Year awards 2016


WDM International’s Legal & International Tax Partner, Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni, won the Award for Excellence at this year’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

The ceremony was hosted by the Malta Business Review at Smart City, Malta, were the nominees and their guests were treated to a gala dinner. The exclusive red carpet event attracted a distinguished audience of around 600 corporate and C-level executives.

The event was not only organized to celebrate the entrepreneurs’ success, but also to give these individuals an opportunity to share their experiences and in turn inspire others around them. Throughout the 5 editions of the Best Entrepreneur Awards, more than 1,200 entrepreneurs have participated in the respective ceremonies.


WDM International’s team and Guests (left to right) Ms. Mia Lybaek Nielsen, Dr. Sarah Tua, Dr. Francesco Maffia, Dr. Kristina Camilleri Deguara, Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni, Mrs. Diahann De Giovanni and Dr. Jeremy Buttigieg

This year’s edition featured a more thorough selection process to increase the level of exclusivity, as well as a more meticulous judging system. The independent panel of judges assessed the nominees on the following criteria: Entrepreneurial Spirit; Financial Performance; Strategic Direction; Local, Overseas, or Community Impact; Innovation; and Personal Integrity/Influence.

Each nominee had to submit a written declaration of information relating to the above criteria, for the judges to analyze and allocate points accordingly. Nominees had to also answer a question that was asked by the judges during the gala dinner, giving them the chance to earn an additional 20 points. Dr. De Giovanni was asked the following question:

“WDM International firmly believe that by adding value to each of their clients, they would be participating towards the enhancement of society at large. What embodies the spirit of a truly prosperous entrepreneur?”

Dr. De Giovanni addressed the hosts, guests, and judges, and held that for an entrepreneur to be truly prosperous – one must identify a buoyant or emerging market, be flexible in the strategic direction of the business, have the technical ability to service the client, sufficient knowledge of the client to satisfy current and future exigencies and have trust in one’s team, along with one’s full support to enable them to grow their careers and the business in parallel. He added that this must be done with an understanding that one’s clients are people whose needs one must be sensitive to, and in a way that generates financial success for an entrepreneur’s business.


WDM International’s team and Guests (left to right) Mrs. Diahann De Giovanni, Ms. Mia Lybaek Nielsen, Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni, Ms. Graziella de Cesare, Dr. Kristina Camilleri Deguara, Dr. Jeremy Buttigieg, Dr. Francesco Maffia

WDM International is honored to have been represented in such an outstanding way by Dr. De Giovanni. He will make an excellent addition to the event’s alumni, as he actively promotes entrepreneurship both internally within the company, and externally as he strives to grow his clients’ business success.



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