SATARIANO Home Parking

 Shop Front and street parking locations

  Try a spot of lunch!!

No 1:  SATARIANO Shop front      
 No 2: Street parking entrance to small parking lot as you turn the corner coming off the bend
 No 3:  Street parking entrance on this side of island, be aware of approaching traffic from the right of the island
 No 4:  Street parking on the right side of the island, this is an off road gravel parking lot. Only one entrance in and out.
 No 5: Street parking in the street on Tiriq Joe Gasan
 The La Vecchia Dogana resturaunt is close by for lunch ( bottom picture), its location is marked on the map opposite.



Shop Front ( no 1 on map) with junction leading to Triq Joe Gasan.






Parking no 2. Access to this little parking spot is from Triq L-independenza, coming down the hill.








Parking no 3: The entrance is accessed from travelling around the roundabout and coming in from the right side.






Parking no 4: This is a gravel off road parking location. The entrance is marked in red in the photo. There is only one entrance in and out.







Parking no 5: This is a side street parking location. The slip road into Triq Joe Gasan can be seen in the shop front photo above







La Vecchia Dogana resturaunt: Somewhere to have lunch close by







There are bus stops on either side of the roundabout. The following buses are available from  these stops. The bus stops are identified as A & B, there locations are indicated on the map  above.


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