5 jaw-dropping features you can find in a luxury jet


Think of it as super luxurious flying limousine that has all you could possibly need to fly you around the globe in extreme comfort. They are generally designed for business executives, government officials, celebrities, but also anyone who appreciates luxury flying.

Most advantages to owning a jet are obvious: high speeds, the ability to go anywhere whenever you want and total privacy. The most fascinating, however, is how customisable jets are – they can be tailored to cater to your exact needs and set the tone you want – whether that means having a space geared up for business, leisure, relaxation, or a bit of everything. Here are the five best draws of a luxury jet.

You can have your own private office and conference room

For most, business is the main reason why they may use a private jet. If business is the goal, a meeting room equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities, executive leather chairs, built-in video systems, surround sound, and Wi-Fi access are all expected. A private office complemented with the design and materials that make you feel most at ease. Glass, leather, and wood are the materials most opt for, providing a natural, serene ambience that will make you feel as if you’re at home, and not in a vehicle traveling at incredible speeds.


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Complete control

You can synchronise your Apple iOS or Google Android smart devices with the Cabin management system, allowing you touch-screen control of the light, temperature, and technological devices within the jet – which include monitors, wide-screen televisions, wireless technologies, DVD and Blu-Ray players, surround systems, and more).


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Professional, personalised service is the defining mark of luxury. With qualified cabin crew ensuring that your every need is met (and this includes chefs and servers) you can forget the cumbersome in-flight refreshment trolley, noise, and unpleasant odours found in a commercial plane. The crew will know you by name, and know a little about your preferences, indeed a friendly rapport with the crew is crucial to a fantastic flight experience.


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Luxury Dining

A true luxury jet comes with its own kitchen and chef. Dine in the sky (literally) with family, guests, or potential clients. This may be an extreme luxury and the pinnacle of decadence, but it is five or six notches above any other alternative.


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A Spa

If work is a priority in the air, set up a conference grouping on board or an office, but if it is the only time when you can relax or take some rest, then opt for a master ensuite bedroom with a luxury bathroom or a walk-in shower. And if you know the flights you take will offer you and your family an opportunity to spend some time together, consider adding a spa or a cinema room – the latter is sure to keep your children entertained!


This is what the master suite bedroom in a Luxury Jet looks like


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