Confessions of a Chauffeur

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Busy people who need to get to their destination quickly and in style have to make a choice; Hiring a taxi service in which the driver barely knows their name, or one in which their driver knows their name, where they work, and how they like their coffee. If it is the latter, they choose a chauffeur.

Contrary to popular belief, being a chauffeur is not the same as being a driver. While drivers have the responsibility of transporting people from point A to point B, chauffeurs provide something that goes beyond a service that any person with a driving license can deliver.




It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Even though life in the backseat seems less hectic than ours, when dealing with chaotic roads and difficult drivers during rush hour, it is key for us to maintain a smile and remain composed. If we get anxious, our clients do too. Keeping our passenger comfortable, at ease, and able to carry on with whatever task they are on is our aim.


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On the job, some tasks seem obvious, such as welcoming people with a smile, opening doors, helping passengers with bags that are almost too heavy to carry, and driving carefully to ensure the passengers’ safety. Some others are a bit subtler, requiring a genuine regard for the client and more personal effort. It’s not uncommon that passengers hop in after a hectic day with a phone in one hand and a tablet in the other, in which case it’s ideal to switch off the music in the car (even if your favourite song is playing on the radio when they ask). If they seem more jolly, it’s a good idea to ask them if they want to put on an upbeat playlist or asking them if they have any preferences.


Being a chauffeur is not just a profession; It is a lifestyle choice.

Being well-suited for the job means two things; You must wear a suit to work, and you must also be able to fit into the attitude of a chauffeur. While donning smart attire every morning, and taking care of your appearance in order to look sharp, neat, and presentable, are essential to giving passengers a good impression, having the right attitude to your work is just as important. Having high standards for yourself and for what you give to others, as well as being kind and compassionate, are all choices that you make and must keep.


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Keep your friends close, and your clients even closer.

Clients don’t just walk into our cars; they walk into our lives, and as such, it becomes both a professional and personal responsibility to be people they can count on not to judge them. Although most of our clients require a one-time service, being aware of their needs and expectations is a valuable skill. It wouldn’t be the first time that clients turned out to be political figures or celebrities, in which case it becomes harder to keep yourself composed. It’s not rare either that what they say inside the car is something that should not be heard outside of it. It could be Lady Gaga discussing her upcoming album plans, or Tom Jones’ crew members sharing scandalous details about his life, yet it would still be part of our job to remain confidential. What is said in the Mercedes, stays in the Mercedes.


Without chauffeurs, the world might still go around, but the people living on it wouldn’t.


For a customized experience and a chauffeur who will care about your journey, Dacoby’s transport service will give you what you’re looking for, and more.


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