Dacoby Chauffer Service: A Reliable and Outstanding Service


The most important thing you want to have when making use of a chauffeur service is your mind at rest. Dacoby Chauffeur service’s professional image reflects just that; reliability and commitment to you and your business. A family-run business launched by Darren Zarb in 2007, they lead the way in luxurious private transport services in Malta.



Private transport services and chauffeur driven tours

Dacoby Chauffeur Service provides a wide range of private transport services and transfers whilst catering for several special occasions. Through pride and excellence, its professional chauffeurs deliver the best service possible whilst keeping the comfort and happiness of each customer in mind. Whether it is a simple airport transfer or a more complex journey, Dacoby Chauffeur Service strives to accommodate each customer and each request in the best way possible.


Dacoby - Fleet

The brand also offers a large variety of privately driven excursions, both in Malta and in Gozo, as well as in Sicily.  These day tours can cater for both small and large groups and their convenience and reliability allows individuals and groups to enjoy excursions with a peace of mind.

The fleet

The fleet owned by Dacoby Chauffeur Service can accommodate a wide range of transfers exclusively handled by a modern and luxurious fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars, the only car manufacturer that the brand works with. The fleet is composed of both small and large vehicles and can thus cater for all types of transport services while giving each trip maximum convenience for both individual and group transfers. Their name in luxury also makes it a popular choice amongst executives and professionals, although they aim to accommodate anyone who wants an affordable taste of luxury. Additionally, all its vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures and luxurious extras, making each journey as pleasant as possible.

Dacoby - Fleet Banner

Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class is a special class car which comes from an exclusive range which has been the choice of numerous important dignitaries all around the word. Its comfort is unmatched and it allows passengers to arrive at their desired destination in style and luxury.

Mercedes E class

The Mercedes E Class is an executive line of cars that is durable and reliable. It has earned a great reputation over the years and remains a preferred choice amongst professionals wishing to travel in luxury.

Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V Class offers versatility and can be adapted according to the request of the clients. Thus, it can accommodate groups of different sizes, and its seating can be transformed into space for more luggage. Its flexibility makes it the luxurious choice for both business as well as private groups, and its efficiency allows maximum space and comfort during the journey.

Mercedes Vito Executive

The Mercedes Vito Executive can handle a high capacity and weight, and boasts of a maximum amount of load threshold which falls just under 1,400kg. This is ideal for journeys requiring the transfer of heavy equipment whilst still being able to seat up to seven people at a time. This also makes it the perfect choice for sightseeing trips especially for family or groups.

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is a luxury minibus which is used for its great load capabilities. Its toughness and durability safely transport both persons as well as equipment while preserving the luxury the brand promotes.


Customer Satisfaction



Highly-rated customer reviews reflect Dacoby Chauffeur Service’s success in the domain of private transport in Malta. A large number of recurring customers, both corporate and private, manifest the brand’s reliability and efficiency. Customer satisfaction also proves that Dacoby Chauffeur Service is living up to the mission it proudly promotes, whilst retaining its position as one of the leading brands in private transportation in Malta.

To find out more about Dacoby and its services, you can view its partner profile here or its website.


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