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In an increasingly globalised world, constant, fast travel has become a key facet of high-end executive positions. Indeed, there are around 6 movements a day of private and executive jets in Malta. If you operate within this fast-paced reality and would like to slow the pace down and make a lasting impression on clients, or have a memorable evening with your loved ones, Malta is the ideal stopover.

Its Mediterranean climate is perfect for one to jet in and head out on to the sea. With picturesque views of ancient cityscapes from your yacht, Malta creates the perfect ambience for a business dinner, or a more private vacation with family, at sea. To those living on this island brimming with people, the sea is our most natural and easiest escape for peace, serenity, and calm.

Travel from your jet towards your yacht – or one that you choose to charter – in total luxury. When you and your guests arrive to your destination, board a luxury yacht and sail around some of the most intimate and picturesque spots around Malta and Comino. With your yacht attended by an expert captain and crewr, you are guaranteed peace of mind, culinary delights, and a sojourn through the best hidden gems around the island. The captivating twilight, open-air setting, and natural, fresh ambience will allow you to soothe your mind and enjoy yourself while providing an environment which your clients or family will fall in love with. It is perhaps the sensation of freedom and seclusion one earns while out at sea that makes a yachting lifestyle so appealing.

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Image courtesy of Azure Ultra, our luxury yacht chartering partner

In the meantime, it is great to rest assured that your jet is also in the best possible hands. Executive travel requires proper preparation, including prompt communication, liaison with aircraft operators, and landing permits. It also requires maintenance, proper security, and operational supervision. It is this area that Executive Aviation Malta caters for. They specialise in managing all the requirements of business aviation movements through Malta. After landing, you will be met and escorted through all arrival formalities. Before going on to enjoy your holiday and may also opt to spend a while at the luxury airport lounge, which has all the amenities one could require to rest, recuperate and freshen up.  And while on your holiday you can have total peace of mind that your jet and crew are being catered for by a team of professionals in their field.

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If you are considering using Malta as the starting point for your boating holiday in the Mediterranean or simply require refuelling services for a smooth, efficient transition en route to a further destination, click here to access Executive Aviation Malta’s profile, where you can find contact details and other information.


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