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Colours of Malta - 4 Steps - At the airport

The upsides to travelling are obvious: the desire for a new, exhilarating, and unforgettable experience. But not everyone enjoys the planning, the booking, the organising.

That is where Colours of Malta can help if you are planning a special getaway to Malta thanks to its dedicated department focused on Luxury Travel and concierge Services .

Dedicated to the organisation and delivery of singular, memorable experiences for those who seek excellence, the team devotes itself to the creation of customised programmes tailored for a large array of tastes.

Now, let’s go through the four steps that will complete your ultimate travel experience…

Arriving in Malta

Set foot on Maltese grounds and receive a personalised, distinguished service, while being greeted by a luxury car. Your bags will be looked after by the team, while you finally unwind in a private lounge– that’s the standard Colours of Malta aims for and consistently reaches.

The Hotels

Colours of Malta  has a selection of top notch hotels or boutiques set in captivating locations and offering all amenities the discerning visitor might need.


Candle lit dining at the most refined, polished restaurants on the island. Malta has a wide selection of superb restaurants. Whatever your food passions, Colours of Malta will see to it that you are totally satisfied.


Colours of Malta offers an array of exclusive excursions with highly qualified guides, venturing to places that are not on the usual tourist trail . For those who seek to explore Malta by sea, Colours of Malta can arrange for you to experience the bluest of the Mediterranean waters on board a luxury yacht.

You can also choose from eco-friendly activities and visit vineyards in the heart of Malta’s rural areas, or enjoy the spine-tingling panorama that Dingli Cliffs offer.  Colours of Malta will ensure you have the full, individually crafted, Maltese experience

To find out more about our bespoke itineraries, contact Colours Of Malta and embark on an experience that is truly magnificent.




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