Learn more about Astral’s home automation services and why you need them

Astral - Custom designed TV lift mechanism

Imagine you can set the light of your child’s room to grow dimmer and gradually fade out once they have fallen asleep. Perhaps, you want to check who is waiting on your front doorstep, or you’d like to alter the temperature of your home to get warmer once the sun sets. Now picture yourself being able to do all of this using one device, while sitting on your couch or working away in the kitchen. With Astral’s Universal Remote Control, you can do this not only from your living room, but your office, or any other place you want.

Astral’s home automation service allows you to control a multitude of features in your home from a number of devices, be it an in wall touch screen, wireless handheld touch panel, your smart phone or tablet. That’s not all – Astral tailors the design of each house’s automation to ensure that the technological devices installed blend effortlessly into the home’s décor. The following are three of the best ways you can use this service.

Creating the perfect atmosphere

Good lighting sets the tone and creates the atmosphere in a room. The basic purpose of lighting is to manipulate and articulate our perception of the environment. Lighting helps us, or makes us see and feel in a specific way. Lighting reveals what objects look like, where they are located, and what surface textures they have. It influences how we feel about a person or an event. In a manner akin to music, lighting bypasses our thoughts and affects us directly and immediately.

Astral’s lighting control systems from Philips Dynalite are widely renowned for their sophistication and stunning versatility. If you want to create an open, welcoming atmosphere and seek to make a room seem bigger and more spacious, like a kitchen, opt for bright, concentrated light circuits and high wattage bulbs. In a bedroom, you’d want multiple sources of dim light to create a feeling of warmth and masks empty spaces for an intimate and private ambience. In a study, low-key, selective lighting is preferable, one source of diffused light just enough to illuminate a manuscript can be soothing, improve concentration, and create a cherished, delicate atmosphere for the individual. Of course, nothing bests natural light; with Astral’s URC and RTI system, you can even close, open or leave curtains ajar anywhere, anytime you want.

Astral - Astral installation


Delivering music in a bespoke manner

With Astral’s URC and RTI system, you can access all your music, regardless of its format, from any touch screen, TV, or keypad. You can stream the same tune throughout your house – or have a different one in every room. If you want elegance, style, and want to opt for the highest standard, the high-end wireless hi-fi, B&W Zeppelin Wireless is the most highly reviewed, beloved sound system which stays composed at higher values, with a large spread of sound, and seamless control and design, making it the best looking, best built wireless speaker available. If you would like to place your sound system in a smaller, closed room, the next generation COEL lifestyle Network CD Music System from Denon is a powerful new hi-fi speaker system with a captivating new minimalist design and the capacity to be connected to any network.

Astral - Zeppelin wireless


Building your own theatre

The notion of having a theatre right in our homes is one that many dream of. For the full cinematic experience, the ultimate T Series system has the best of everything: T301s all round, supported by the same discreet high performance subwoofer. However big your living area, it envelopes you in an expansive, richly textured sound picture that brings a movie to life as you’ve never experienced before. The T Series speakers have a depth of merely 35 mm, enclosing an ultra-slim high performance driver. Picking up the trend of TVs coming onto the market with increasingly slim designs, their svelte silhouette and elegant appearance result in a harmonious overall picture when placed next to a flat-screen TV whilst retaining high fidelity sound quality. Thanks to their technical features, the speakers produce a three-dimensional sound field that perfectly underlines the events on screen.

Astral - Custom home cinema system

Whether to automate a single element of your home or go for a full automation, you should contact Malta’s leading installation company.  Their years of experience in this sector and skilled team will ensure your home becomes a true multisensory experience. To get in touch with Astral and set up an appointment to learn more about automating your home, you can view their partner profile here.


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