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Take the hassle out of the equation: Major benefits of being driven around Malta

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Whether you are a business traveller on a brief visit to Malta, or an entrepreneur working locally with a busy schedule of meetings, a tight timetable always demands that you allocate the necessary time required to get from one place to another, with as much ease as possible.

The realities of the Maltese roads mean that this can be exceptionally frustrating if you are behind the wheel.  Recent coverage about how construction work in the busier parts of the island will impact traffic on the roads is already beginning to create some negative anticipation. Below are some reasons why we believe engaging a Chauffeur service can really help to make your movements in Malta more stress-free.

Meeting the demands of a tight, volatile Schedule

Booking a Luxury car with a chauffeur removes the need to plan your route, calculate journey times, roadworks, having your vehicle cleaned, and other time-consuming complications. All of this is taken out of the equation and handled by professional, highly-trained drivers who do their research and plan for any unpredictable issues that may occur throughout the journey.

If you are in Malta on a business trip, keeping up with the often demanding schedule is imperative. Transport delays can be detrimental to your business relations, and this is why having a Chauffeur who can customise trips as required is important.

Other factors must also be considered: Location and time of a business arrangement may change due to a multitude of factors, and such a change will have repercussions that ripple throughout the rest of your plan. A professional driver will know alternative routes and shortcuts, will be aware of areas of heavy traffic and will therefore be able to make allowances. Dealing with inevitable changes to moving schedules is one of the most appealing reasons as to why a chauffeur service is preferable.

Building the right image

Wearing the right apparel is not the only aspect one must consider. Whether it is a client-directed series of executive meetings, a Malta conference, point-to-point journey, or a client ‘meet and greet’ at the Malta airport, having the right image is vital to build successful relationships and create a lasting, positive, first impression.

Some local services offer the finest cars available. For example, Nick’s chauffeur service uses exclusive cars, including the BMW 6 Series which has a silver exterior with dual tone black and beige interiors. Using a professional provider like Nick’s you will be able to project an air of professionalism to your guests and clients.

Navigating through Malta

Driving in Malta can be either fun, or a complete nightmare. It is a truth, not universally acknowledged, that the kindness and civility so often attributed to Maltese residents evaporates once they get in a car. Living in a densely populated island where most important sites are clustered in a small area, means that drivers must be quick and efficient. To those unfamiliar with the Maltese landscape, complex location itineraries result in an extremely stressful experience. Malta’s roads are known for being quite challenging to both Maltese drivers themselves and foreigners – especially those who are used to driving on the left.

For those unfamiliar with Maltese roads, a journey which one expects to take ten minutes may end up stretching well over half an hour – learning how to avoid traffic and awareness of shortcuts is key. Your driver will have a keen understanding of which roads to take to get you from point A to point B as effectively as possibly.

Finally, it will also erase the most stressful thing of all that comes with driving in a densely populated but small island: Parking.

Nick's - New BMWs

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of being driven by a professional chauffeur service is the privacy, level of service, and courtesy you are offered. A good Chauffeur is almost always a good study: they learn nuances and quirks about you and thus anticipate your needs, and whether this means knowing whether or not to have a chat en route, or your preferred temperature setting, it is the attention to detail that makes all the difference.

The time saved by opting for a chauffeur service will allow you to dedicate more time to the things that you might otherwise not be able to do while stuck behind the wheel. Catch-up with your email backlog, make that important call or even catch up with the family back home in between your busy schedule of meetings.

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