Why a corporate travel consultant is a must for any business traveller

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As the world becomes more connected through technology, doing business across borders is more commonplace than ever before. This means that business travel has also increased substantially. Sales meetings, product demonstrations, training courses, regional group meetings and familiarisation trips are just a handful of the reasons that keep executives on the move.

I was an extensive business traveller for 5 years of my career and the trips to new, exciting cities, meeting new colleagues and experiencing different ways of doing business was an absolute thrill. However, the travel arrangements on the run up to a trip could be exhausting. Booking flights, sometimes multi-segment, checking for the best prices, locating the most convenient hotel, researching the correct documentation requirements. All this took up valuable time from my busy work schedule.

For other frequent business travellers, I would recommend engaging the services of a corporate travel consultant. I recently took a work-related trip to Dubai and chose to go down this route. I engaged the services of Bianchi Travel – Lufthansa City Centre, and I wasn’t disappointed.  For me it was important to have reliable travel arrangements and have someone who could guide me, especially since Dubai was an unfamiliar destination for me.

Bianchi Travel has been a player in the travel industry since 1980, so the fact that it is an established name in the local travel market was very reassuring.  I believe that good working relationships are built on good human relationships. Bianchi Travel has a small team and this meant that I always dealt with the same people every time I contacted them about my bookings. This was such a refreshing change from the anonymous email exchanges and PC interfaces I used when booking my own arrangements online.  Their efficiency was exemplary: With every enquiry I made for different dates, replies were quickly forthcoming with updated prices, availability and advice.


Although I didn’t avail myself of this service, Bianchi Travel operates a 24-hour support service for a number of its corporate clients. This creates real peace of mind for those travellers who may experience issues while away, or who may need to change arrangements at the last minute. As an affiliate of the Lufthansa City Centre group, Bianchi travel is also backed up by this reputable international brand. The affiliation allows them access to flights with airlines that would otherwise be inaccessible within the Maltese market.

If you are looking for a professional, reliable Travel Consultancy to take on your company’s travel arrangements, I would definitely recommend Bianchi Travel – Lufthansa City Centre. They can tailor packages and rewards to suit your company’s travel needs.

View their partner profile here and get in touch with Agency Manager Melissa for more information.


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