3 ways a chauffeur service can help you in today’s corporate world

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Are you a managing partner within a high profile company or the CEO of a steadily growing (or established) firm? Perhaps you often find yourself rushing from one meeting or conference to another, or stepping off the plane, struggling to find the bearings of a new city – hoping you will get to enjoy some of what it has to offer but sighing wistfully when you realise you only have a couple of hours before your first meeting.

There are 3 crucial reasons why one should opt for a luxury chauffeur service.


Driving in Malta can be either fun, or a complete nightmare. It is a truth, not universally acknowledged, that the kindness and civility so often attributed to Maltese residents evaporates once they get in a car. Living in a densely populated island wherein most important sites are clustered in a small area means a lot of congestion in such areas, add a complex location itinerary and you have the recipe for what can be an extremely stressful experience.

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Fact is, it is not uncommon for a journey one expects to take ten minutes to end up stretching over half an hour – learning how to avoid traffic and awareness of shortcuts is key. Your driver will have a keen understanding of which roads to take to get you from point A to point B as effectively as possibly.

Finally, it will erase the most stressful thing of all that comes with driving in a densely populated but small island: Parking.


A good Chauffeur is a bit of psychoanalyst –  always a good study with a keen, critical eye. He is able to learn nuances and quirks about you and thus anticipating your needs. Such a driver will learn when to opt for a chat en route, and when to give you some much-deserved silence and privacy. Fostering a good rapport with your driver allows you to comfortably make private calls while being driven around without any reservation. Furthermore, a good driver will be prepared with your favourite drink before you step into the car, play your favourite type of music and adjust the car’s temperature to one you are comfortable in.

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Wearing the right apparel is not the only aspect one must consider. The vehicle we drive has been an undeniably powerful status symbol that has only grown in significance throughout the last decades. One’s car is an external denotation of one’s social position and perceived indicator of economic or social status.

Whether it is a client-directed series of executive meetings, a Malta conference, point-to-point journey, or a client ‘meet and greet’ at the Malta airport, having the right image is vital to build successful relationships and create a lasting, positive, first impression.

When you are dressed appropriately and driven around in a luxurious vehicle, you are above all showing respect towards your potential client or colleague. Dacoby’s fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars ensures that when meeting with other individuals in the industry you fit in and command respect. Additionally, all its vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures and luxurious extras, making each journey as pleasant as possible.

The time saved by opting for a chauffeur service will allow you to dedicate more time to the things that you might otherwise not be able to do while stuck behind the wheel. Catch-up with your email backlog, make that important call or even catch up with the family back home in between your busy schedule of meetings.

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