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A 21st Century Robinson Crusoe Island

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A sanctuary of exclusivity and ‘barefoot luxury’: Providing the very best in privacy, location, luxury accommodation and hospitality, North Island offers a rare Seychellois experience in harmony with the environment. This secluded island paradise has only 11 luxurious and exclusive guest villas, exquisitely designed and individually handcrafted by Seychellois and African craftsmen. Each villa offers a private sanctuary with stunning views of the turquoise sea and magnificent deserted beaches.On North Island, each stay is tailored in an effortlessly attentive manner to make sure that each guest feels welcomed and special.

Following on from our earlier visit to The Seychelles, see the continuation of our journey to this island paradise.

The front passenger seat has a spectacular view, me first me first!


Luggage loaded, helicopter burning and turning, off we go!


Spectacular views from cockpit as you come into land.


A short buggy ride from the landing zone to your private villa through the pristine coconut groves. A truly barefoot luxury dwelling.


Your very own piece of real estate.  A massive outdoor area that houses your dining area, outdoor lounge, private kitchen(with your very own butler), large TV & study area, not to mention the plunge pool. All cocooned by local fauna to give you piece, quiet and privacy, your own palace in paradise.


Main bedroom and the covered outdoor bathroom, which doubles up as a private massage area from the Island’s spa therapists should you wish to indulge.


Local wildlife, the giant land tortoises were discovered back in the early days (1609).  Captain Sharpeigh and the crew of the Ascension from the English East India company first reported their existence.


A single wooden cross and fire indicating a safe Christian haven for sea farers in days gone by….A tradition still kept alive for today’s inhabitants of North Island, albeit accompanied by a glass of champagne and canapés for the modern Robinson Crusoe.


Luxury sea craft offer a wide variety of activities including water sports, fishing, scuba diving, or simply a romantic sun set cruise and bubbles!


An alternative to the hotel lobby, North Island style.


The hill side pool area offers spectacular views over the bay; seclusion and a short walk to the well-being spa.


Speeding back across the Indian Ocean to the mainland, the flight home and reality…



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